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How Tenali Became A Minister

A Tussle With The Head Priest

Dreams Cannot Be True

Fooling The Thieves

Tenali And The Grocer

Tenali Loves Sweets

A Knot Of Hair

Young Raman

Tenali and the green crow

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The Foolish Monk

The Three Friends And The Hunter

The Clever Painter

The Proud Spring

The Monkey And The Parrot

The Wise Bird

The Valuable Lesson

The Two Crabs

The Frog And The Mouse

Change Yourself Not The World

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The Pot Of Wit

A Wise Counting

Red Hot Iron

Four Fools

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The Missing Honey

Theft Of Jewellery Shop

Vada Pav Theft

The Holiday


The Missing Machine

The Burglary

A Splash Of Mischief

In A Rush

The Missing Car

Numbers Game

Beach Bandits

Metal Meddling

The DIAMOND ring

The battle of Panipat

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