A Splash Of Mischief

"What's going on Rajeev?" asked Shahana."Renovation.They are giving the society a new look for New Year.The transformer is faulty.They are repairing it so that there are no more power cuts.But the power will down for today.They even cut the water supply for an hour in the morning to clean the pipes.Frida,Chetan and Rohan volunteered to paint the clubhouse walls.Lets see that!Lovely isn't it?" "Not so lovely over here."came a voice. Rajeev and Shahana turned to see Sharmila Aunty standing. "I just put these clothes to dry five minutes ago and look at them now!All covered with paint!One of these kids has done it for sure.They are the only ones using green,blue and orange paint."she said. "We should find out I'll bring them here."said Rajeev."Tell us the truth!Which one of you has done this?"Sharmila Aunty said. Frida said,"I was painting on the other side Rohan was the closest to Sharmila Aunty's house". "Don't blame me!said Rohan.I was in the clubhouse cooling off under the fan.Cheatn was closer to Aunty's place. "Oye,I wasn't here either.I had gone to wash the paint off my hands".said Chetan."Maybe I should talk to your parents". "No need,one of them is lying and I know who".said Shahana

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