A tussle with the head priest

It was King Krishnadevaraya's son's birthday.He was so happy that he wanted to gift something to the Brahmins for the long life of his son.The king called the head priest and asked,"Please tell me how can my child receive your blessings?" The head priest was extremly greedy.He asked,"What does your son like to eat?"The king replied that the prince loves to eat apples.The Brahmin took the oppurtunity and asked the king to order one hundred and eight full sized gold apples. The apples were to be placed in one hundred and eight silver bowls to be distributed to all the Brahmins of the kingdom. When Tenali Raman got to know this,he at once could sense the intention of the head priest. He planned to teach the priest a god lesson.One day,in the court of Krishnadevraya Tenali announced ,"Tomorrow is my son's birthday and I would be obliged if your majesty came to my house to bless my son.I would also like to invite all the Brahmins so that I can gift them somethig for the long life of my son. "Everyone accepted Tenali's invitation and they reached his house the next day Tenali Raman was extremly pleased to see all the Brahmins,and in the king's presence, he said,"as my son loves to play in cow dung I would wish to give all the Brahmins cakes made up of cow dung.Please bless my son and accept the gift."The head priest and the Brahmins understood that they were being humilated for robbing the king.Thus all of them left the place at once.The king too understood Tenali's message. Once more Tenali Raman was praised for his sense of humour and his wonderful presence of mind.