Beach Bandits

"You called Smoky?" "Yes Claws.Someone stole from my store!All my weekend earnings are gone!It happened half an hour ago.I went to drop my son at school.When I returned the cash register was empty.The thief broke the glass and entered my staore.I don't even have a CCTV camera." "Do you have any enemies or anyone you think who colud have done this?" "Not for sure,but it has to be either Sloppy,Fred or Smarty." "Why only the three of them?" "They were the only ones who could have guessed the password to unlock the register." "What!How could have they have known that?" "They were all in the store this morning when I changed the password.One of them must haepeeped at the register and seen my code.Please Claws,Please get my money." "I'll try my best Smoky.By,the way do you think you can give me an ice-cream?It is very hot here!"I'm out to investigate the suspects."Yep,I was in the store this morning.I bought a chocolate bar but haven't gone back since."said Smarty.Next,to Sloppy - "I haven't been to Smoky's shop since I bought an ice-cream.I've not finished eating it yet." And last to Freddy - "Went there to buy chewing gum.He didn't have any.So I left.Didn't go back!" Later...."Well,I must say that investigating suspect in such weather is a difficult task.Here,catch."said Claws. "You got my money back!How Claws?"said Smoky. "I smoke to all of them.Only one their stories didn't add up.So I offered the culprit a choice.Give the cash back or get locked up.Guess which option they chose?"said Claws. "but...............but..............who was it?"said Smoky.

Poor Smoky!Why don't you tell him who the thief was.To find out press the link "Find Answers"

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