Dreams cannot be true

One day the king of Vijayanagar,Krishnadevraya had a strange dream.He saw he was floating in a pond and in the middle of the pond he could see a large and magnificent lotus made of all precious metals,expensive stones and gems.This was a unique dream and the king was extremely happy to see the lotus in his dreams.When the king woke up he remembered his dream vividly.That day in his court he described his dream and announced,"Within seven days I want someone to bring the lotus of my dream to me."The courtiers tried to convince the king but in vain.The king roared,"You will bring the lotus or I will not spare you."The ministers in the court now went up to Tenali Raman and requested him for a solution.The next day an old woman came running to the king.The guard tried to stop her but the king ordered that she should be allowed to see him.The old woman said to the king,"All my treasures have been stolenand now I am completly penniless.I don't know how I will spend the rest of my life."The king asked,"Do you know who stole the treasures?Tell me his name and I will punish the person instantly."The old woman said,"My Lord I know the person who stole the treasures,but I will only tell you his name if I am pardoned."The king assured her and the woman continued,"Last night in my dream I saw that you have entered my house with your soldiers and plundered everything."Hearing this the king smiled and said,"But this is only a dream.How can I enter your home and take away all your belongings?"Just then Tenali arrived on th scene and said,"This is possible My Lord!If your dream lotus can exist,why can't the dream of the lady turn out to be true?"Once again the king realized he was wrong and admired Raman's presence of mind.