How Tenali became a Minister

Tenali Raman was one of the ministers in the court of king Krishnadevraya of Vijayanagar.He is also known to all for his superior wit and intelligence.Tenali created his place in the royal court with his sheer intelligence.Tenali was a wide and confident man.He started to look for an opportunity to become a part of Bhuvna Vijayam,the royal palace of Vijayanagar.Tenali wanted to impress the courtiers before he reached the king.One day Tenali reached the house of the court poet.The court poet was much impressed with Tenali Raman.However,when Tenali expressed his wish to meet the king the poet was reluctant.But he promised that he would try and fix this meeting soon. Days passed, Tenali waited, but he was unsuccessful in meeting the king.One day Tenali found a good oppurtunity.There was a talent competition being held and several ministers were appointed judges for the same.The royal chief minister was impressed to see Tenali's talent.He went up to Tenali and rewarded him with a wonderful and expensive shawl which was given to him by the king himself.The minister asked Tenali to accept the shawl aa a royal gift.The next day when Tenali Raman entered the royal court with the shawl on his shoulders.The king was surprised to see his gifted shawl on Tenali's shoulders. The king asked ," Where did you get the shawl young man?"Tenali explained theentire episode to the king.The king was really impressed with Tenali's efforts and he appointed him as an advisor in the royal court. Thankyou Please read all the stories of Tenali Raman