In a Rush

Once all the police officers were having a party in a restaurant - "Thank you all for coming out tonight.This was my best birthday ever."said Inspector Reddy."Inspector Reddy." "I'm sorry ma'am,said the manager.Service has been slower than usual because of an unexpected issue.Our entire dish-washing staff has gone on leave.We've run out of clean dishes.Anyway,do enjoy your meal.I'm always at your service." "Manager,said inspector Reddy.There's a hair in my salad.Please replace it." "Sorry ma'am,right away, ma'am.said the manager.A few minutes later.... "Here you go ma'am.I had the chef make you afresh salad.Sorry about what what happened earlier.Please enjoy your meal."said the manager. "I would,except......This isn't a fresh salad.You just tossed out the hair and brought it back."said Inspector Reddy. "Huh?How do you know the manager is lying maa'am?asked one of the police officers. "It's obvious,isn't it?Can't anyone here see it?Can no one here tell me how I figured out that the manager is lying?"she said. No one at the table knows how Inspector Reddy know that the manager is lying.What about you?Can you figure it out? To find out press the link "Find Answers"

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