Metal Meddling

"Inspector Gaggan,we're glad you're here.We've got a unique problem.Ms.Avril had her silver coins stolen at the beach.While checking bags,we managed to round up five suspects." "You already have suspects?" "Yes,sir.Each one of them has a bag of silver coins." "Six people carrying silver coins at a beach!I'd like to start by interviewing the suspects!" "Our first suspect is Ryan D'souza.He's a painter....."I was actually on my way to trade coins with a friend.I stopped at the beach to watch the sunset" "Our second suspect is Kiran Kumar.She is a Real Estate agent......."These silver coins belonged to my grandparents.I was taking them for polishing today." "Zico and Rico are brothers......."We're silver coin collectors.We were just here having our annual meeting of coin collectors at the beach." "Vikrant is a treasure hunter........." "Today is my lucky day,sir.My trusty magnet found me some silver in the sand." Sometime later......"Inspector please tell me you found my silver coins."said Avril. "I spoke to the suspects.Each had a reason for why they brought their coins to the beach.But one of them is clearly lying."said Inspector. "But who was it Inspector?"asked Avril.

Who does Inspector Gaggan suspect stole Avril's coins.And why?To find out press the link-

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