Numbers Game

In Samson's room-"So this is where Mr.Samson was attacked?"said inspector Rani. "Yes,Inspector,said Hawaldar Mahesh.He's been moved to a hospital,but nothing else in the room has been touched.There were only four party guests in the house when the attack happened-Jason,Fred,Alison and Sasha." "Could you ask them to assemble in the hall?I have some questions for them." In the hall-"Could you mind telling me where each of you were when Mr.Samson was attacked?" "I was in the bathroom Inspector,upset stomach."said Jason. "I was searching for Samson throughout the mansion."said Alison. "I was right here in the hall,wondering where everyone else went."said Sasha."I was out in the balcony looking at the moon,a beatiful sight."said Fred."I see,well Mr Samson seems to have left us a riddle!You see these numbers 6,4,9,10,11 written on this calendar?The numbers are written in Mr Samson's handwriting.We had it tested.So enough with the fake alibis!We know which one of you attacked Mr Samson.Your game is up!"said Inspector Rani.

Who does the Inspector think attacked Samson and what does the clue symbolise?To find answers press the link "FIND ANSWERS"

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