Tenali loves sweets

One day Tenali Raman went to his favourite sweet shop.He was very happy to see the great variety of sweets there.However Tenali did not have enough money in his pocket to buy those sweets.Tenali could not control himself from grabbing and eating those sweets and did not even ask for permission.The shopkeeper had gone home for his lunch and his son was managing the shop.When the son saw Tenali eating the sweets he went up to him and asked, "Hey what are you doing?Why are you eating the sweets without paying for them?Who are you?" Tenali was ashamed and wanted to escape from the shop.He said,"He said my name is house fly" The boy instantly ran to his father and said,"Father house fly has come to our shop and is eating all the sweets!" His father replied,"How much can a housefly eat?You need not worry about this." The boy went back and silently watched Tenali fill his stomach with sweets.Tenali returned home feeling happy that he was not caught.