The burglary

Inspector Bheem Rao came rushing in from the pouring rain as lightning slashed through the sky. "What a night!I hope we don't have to go out again." Just then the telephone rang.As Inspector Rao gave a heartfelt groan,Hawaldar Jagat Singh took the call.Hawaldar Singh ended he call and said,"You spoke too soon, Sir.There has been a robbery at house No.17 in Naveen Baug." Inspector Rao sighed,"Naveen Baug, eh?Come on we'll brave the rain once again.They made good time through the empty streets. "At least people have the sense to stay indoors on sucha night!." Exclaimed Hawaldar Singh as he drove into the drive way of house No.17.When they rang the doorbell of the two storey house,the door was opened by a middle-aged housemaid.She looked near tears. "Mr and Mrs Ghosh put me in charge.Now they'll fire me!" she wailed. "Now pull yourself together and tell us everything from the beginning.," said Inspector Rao sternly as he and Hawaldar Singh seated themselves. "Mr and Mrs Ghosh left this morning.They are going to spend the weekend at a hill station.As usual by 9 I locked up the place but then the lights went out.It's been raining heavily since morning and the's been years since I...." "Yes,yes," broke in Inspetor Rao impatietly,"And then what happened?" "Well....I went down to check the fuse....It was the I heard someone moving about upstrairs!I crept up silently and saw....a big burly man leaving through the window!I was so scared!But I couldn't see the numbers on the dial to call the police!It was so dark!The lights came on in five minutes nad I immidiatly called you!" "Hmm...can you describe the robber?"asked Hawaldar Singh as he took notes. "As I said he was a tall, hefty fellow and...yes!He had a cresent shaped scar on his left cheek!" "So do you know what has been taken?" "Let me see...the laptop,the stereo system and...ofcourse,he emptied the safe!" "At least we know who his partner in crime is!" said Inspector Rao,grimly.

Inspector Rao obviously suspects the housemaid.Why?To know click on the link find answers.

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