The DIAMOND ring

When Pam stood first in IMO international level,her parents,Mr and Mrs Redwood gifted her a expensive diamond ring and also threw a party for her.Pam kept the ring in the drawer of her sidetable in her room and went down to attend the party.Hermotherhad organised various games for the party.One of the star attractions was the 'Treasure Hunt'.Clues were hidden all around the house as well in the garden.Each clue led to the other.Children could hunt for the clues individually or in groups.Everyone was busy searching for clues when Kiara started shouting,"Thief,thief......!!!" from Pam's room.Everyone rushed to the room but found no one there. Tina,Pam's cousin,looked around carefully.She saw a picture of pam's whole family behind the bed,lots of storybook neatly arranged on the bookshelf and drawing sheets and paints stacked on the study table.She was amazed to see a three storey house built with playing cards, on the side table. "Kiara,when did you see the thief?" "I came here to look for a clue under the study table when I saw a tall man jumping out of the window." "Didn't you try and stop him?" "Yes I ran after him but I hit my leg against the side table,and while I was hopping with pain,he escaped.See how my leg is bruised!" Tina's next question was directed to Pam,"Is there anything missing from the room?" "Yes,replied Pam opening the drawer of the side table.With tears in her eyes she continued,"My new DIAMOND ring". Everyone gaped in surprise. In the mean time Mr Redwood had questioned the guards at the entrance.They had not seen any tall man entering the house that evening. Tina went to the window through which the thief had jumped out.He foud several branches of shrubs just outside the window just outside the window, broken. The thief must have hurt his shin jumping out of the window.I don't think he has run away.He must have hidden the ring somewhere in the garden and plans to take it once it is dark.

Who does Tina think has stolen the ring?

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