The Missing Car

One day at Jay's house-"I'll just go clear up the mess we made while playing before my parents return home."said Jay.In Jay's rooom-"Why can't I find my car here?I've looked everywhere,where is it?I remember it was here when we were playing earlier.I'm sure one of them must have nicked it." "hey,friends!"said Jay. "My car is missing!I know one of you must have taken it!Tell me before I have to dig it out from your bags." I don't really like cars."said Diya."I was playing with the purple toy bus. "I don't really like green so i didn't play with it either."said Aashi. Vaibhav said,"Well,I don't really like your stupid toys!How can you blame us?" "Okay,let's not be mean.Jay,you're just panicking.It must be around somewhere"said Diya. "You're wrong Diya.I just figured out which one of you took my car."

Who stole the car and how did Jay figure it out?To find out press the link "FIND ANSWERS"

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