The Missing Honey

One day in Mr bear's house there was a theft of a jar full of honey.When Mr Dog,the policeman came Mr bear said "Please help me to find my honey." "Please call all your friends who were near your house at the time of the theft",said Mr dog.So, Anasi the turtle,Litto the rabbit and Bholanath the cow were called.Inspector dog then asked Mr bear to brief him about the stolen honey.Mr bear started"I went to the market to buy honey.When I came back my servant,Jumpy the monkey was waiting at the window to help me make the special jam tarts in which I use a lot of honey.I told my servant to get a big bowl.He went into the living room to get a big bowl.I went to get the other materials needed for making jam tarts.As soon as I was back with the materials the honey was gone!I called Jumpy and asked him if he had taken the honey.He also didn't know where the honey was." Inspector dog asked Anasi,Litto and Bholanath,"Where were all of you at the time of the theft?" Anasi said"I was busy preparing for the feast which is to be held at my house tomorrow." Litto replied"I was busy lazing in my house and watching television." I was busy being milked in the shed nearby,"said Bholanath.Inspector then asked everyone"did any of you see anybody roaming around here?" I think I saw somebody from the window of my burrow.He looked like a monkey.I did not know that he was the thief otherwise I would have phoned the police." "I think I know who is the thief."said Inspector dog.Who does Inspector dog suspect?To know click on the link find answers.

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