1. Answer to WATCHOUT-

Inspector Natasha suspects Aastha because how could Aastha know that her assailant was wearing a cardigan because Aastha's assailant was walking towards the unmarked white van with his back to Aastha.So Aastha has kidnapped her brother Vishwesh.


2. Mr Dog suspected Litto because the burrow of the rabbit is in the ground.If Litto's house would have a window then he would see what is underground.So Litto has stolen the honey.


The Inspector suspects the two delivery girls because how could they see the man eyes because the man was wearing black goggles.So the two girls have stolen the jewellery.


4. Alisha suspected her friends because they said that after getting up they straight went to study.So how could they know the increase in the price of vada pav? So Alisha's friend havebroken the window pane of uncle ashish's shop.

5. Answer to THE HOLIDAY-

Pritika had suspected that the man was a spy sent from the rival company because the man would not have to knock on Pritika's door because he could easily have tried putting his room key into the lock.So the man was a spy sent from the rival company.


Aisha suspects Janak because how could he have read the book featuring Cat Nab?It was lights out in five minutes and Janak said that he had read the book the whole night.Since we need a device like laptop or mobile to read in the dark and only Aisha had a laptop,Janak has stolen Aisha's laptop.

7. Answer to THE BURGLARY-

Inspector Rao supects the housemaid as she is lying.If she could not see the numbers on the dial in the dark,she could not have seen a scar on the burglar's cheek either.She helped her partner to rob the place.


Rohan is the culprit since he said that he had gone to cool off under the fan.But the electricity had been cut off for the day.Chetan is telling the truth since water had been cut off only for an hour in the morning.

8.Answer to IN A RUSH-

Inspector Reddy knew that the manager was lying about getting her a new salad because the manager had earlier told her that they had run out of clean dishes with all the dishwashing staff going on leave.But when she brought her the 'new salad'it was on a clean dish.Which means,the earlier plate had not been changed.

9.Answer to THE MISSING CAR-

Aashi stole the car.She could not have known the colour of the stolen car since Jay did not mention which car he was talking about,but she still assumed it was green.

10.Answer to NUMBERS GAME-

The attacker is Jason.The numbers6,4,9,10,11 were written on the calendar.So if we associate the number with the month,it becomes easy to crack the clue- 6-June-J 4-April-A 9-September-S 10-October-O 11-Novemer-N Hence the attacker is Jason.

11.Answer to BEACH BANDITS-

Sloppy was the one who robbed Smoky's store.Sloppy claimed that he was eating the same ice-cream he'd bought at Smoky's store.But he had gone in the morning and it was hours later,at noon that Claws spoke to him.The ice-cream couldn't have stayed that long in the summer heat.

12.Answer to METAL MEDDLING-

Inspector Gaggan believes that Vikrant stole Avril's coins.Vikrant claimed to have stumbled upon the coins with his magnet.However silver isn't attracted to magnets.This is why the Inspector suspects Vikrant.

13.Answer to The DIAMOND ring-

Kiara said she hurt her leg by hitting the side table.This is not possible for the three storey house of cards would have collapsed if she had hit the side table.