Inspector Jones called Thanima ma'am.He said "Thanima ma'am we need your help with a robbery case.Could you please come to Mehta Mansion?" "Give me the address and I'll be right there." Said Thanima ma'am.At the mansion in the evening- "What a beautiful sunset",said Thanima ma'am staring out of the window in the living room.Inspector Jones said "Ma'am the painting that was stolen was taken sometime this morning.Since there was no forced entry ,and no one else but the family entered the premises ,we only suspect the members of the household.The suspects are- the mehta couple who are the owners, their nephew Yash and the housekeeper Shanta." "How did you all discover the theft?" asked Thanima ma'am.Mr.Mehta said "I was shaving in the morning.Later when I came to the living room I saw Yash and Shanta standing in front of the empty frame." Mrs.Mehta said "I was sleeping soundly when my husband woke me up to inform me of the robbery!It was my favourite painting." Yash said "I woke up to have some coffee and enjoy sunrise by the living room window.That's when I noticed the empty frame and alerted Shanta who had come down by then." Shanta said "I came to the living room to get the newspaper when Yash told me of the missing painting.I don't know anything about it!" Thanima ma'am said "I must say Yash the view from your window is beautiful" "Yes it offers a great view of the sea."Said Yash. "Well then enjoy the view for the last time before you're arrested for stealing from your uncle." said Thanima ma'am. How did Senior Inspector Thanima know that Yash was behind the theft?To find out press the link "Find Answers"

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