Tenali and the grocer

One day a grocer came to the court of krishnadevraya and complained that tenali had bought groceries from him and had not paid for months.The cost of the groceries was two silver coins.Tenali was at once summoned to the court.When the king asked him tenali said "Yes My Lord,due to past financial crisis,I could not pay the grocer on time.However I promise to pay the grocer next month."Tenali also insisted that the cost of the groceries was one silver coin and not two.The account book of the grocer was cheked and it was found that the grocer had given extra ghee with the pulses to Tenali,when he did not ask for it.However it was agreed that one cannot cook pulses without adding ghee to it,so the grocer was proved right.It was decided that Tenali would have to pay two silver coins to the grocer within a month.Tenali was upset that the king did not speak in his favour.He decided to teach the grocer a lesson.One day Tenali went to the grocer and said "I have some homemade jaggery and I can sell that to you at a low cost." The grocer was ready.Tenali prepared jaggery in earthen pots and sent them to the grocers's house.When the grocer opened the pots he found solid pebbles in the jaggery.He was very angry and he came running to Tenali and asked for the reason.Tenali said, "It's simple,if you cannot sell pulses without ghee,I too cannot sell jaggery without pebbles." Tenali taught a good lesson to the grocer.