One day Tenali was standing near a roadside inn.There was a man sitting inside the inn who had once been punished because Tenali had produced evidences against him a few years ago.The man now wanted to get even with Tenali.The man went up to the innkeeper and told him ,"If u can outsmart that person standing on the road, I will give you a silver coin.

The inn keeper was more than happy with this offer. He approached tenali and said "Hey, I saw that you have been standing here for a long time.You must be getting a whiff of aroma of the food cooked in my kitchen.As they say, when you enjoy the aroma of food, half your appetite is satisfied.So now you have to pay me for this pleasing aroma of my kitchen.The cost of one plate vegetables and a plate of rice is two gold coins.So you have to pay me one gold coin for enjoying the smell of the food."

Tenali was very angry.He said,"I am not standing here to enjoy the aroma of your food. I am waiting for my friend to come. Please stop talking nonsense." But the innkeeper was persistent about getting paid for smelling the food. So Tenali took two gold coins and rubbed them against each other creating a tinkling sound. Then he said,"If i have to pay half the price for smelling the food, then i think i have paid you rightly by making you hear the sound of money. Enjoy the tinkling of gold coins as much as you like.

Many people were watching the scene. They laughed and appreciated Tenali's quick thinking. The innkeeper, feeling humiliated, dashed inside.