Theft Of The Jewellery Shop

One day a lot of commotion was heard from the Dhanmal jewellery shop.All the jewelleries were stolen!There was a lot of shouting.Suddenly a big police car came and out stepped Inspector Smith.He went inside the jewellery shop.He said,"All of you please keep quiet.I'm here to ask you all some questions." All of them suddenly quietened down.He then asked Seth Dhanmal who owned the shop,"Where were you at the time of the theft?"I was at my house eating lunch with my wife.I did not see who took away my jewellery,but my two delivery girls have seen them.You can ask them." Inspector Smith asked the two delivery girls"can you tell me every thing from the starting?" It was like this, said one of the delivery girls.We did all our chores and we sat down to rest.Suddenly the door opened and a man was standing, "no smart moves just give all the jewellery,otherwise I shoot, he said pointing his gun towards us." We quickly gave him all the jewellery and after taking all the jewellery the man ran towards a van which was standing at the enterance of the shop." "Can you describe the man?"asked Inspector Smith."Yes".said the other delivery girl.He wore baggy green trousers and a crumpled blue shirt,he wore black goggles and had lovely brown eyes." "Girls you need to apologise to Seth Dhanmal.After that you will accompany me to the police station."said Inspector Smith. Why does Inspetor Smith think that the delivery girls had taken the jewellery?To find out press the link "Find Answers"

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