The Holiday

Once Pritika was jogging around her hotel.She had come for a holiday from her work that was being a spy.Suddenly she got a text from her boss.It was written "Our rivals have come to know your whereabouts.Please keep a look out for any strange person.Also take care of the important documents which I had given you." Pritika sighed "I forgot the documents.Now I need to take care.Oh!I forgot to keep the documents in the briefcase." Saying so she rushed back to her room.Luckily all the documents were safe.She quickly put the documents in the briefcase.She lay down on her bed for some time.As she was about to sleep,a knock on the door made her wake up.She went to the door and opened it.A well built man was standing there.He apologised and said "Sorry ma'am I have been knocking for hours at each door to find which room is mine." As soon as the man had gone,Pritika phoned at the reception and said "Please post two gaurds outside room no.444." She said to herself "I know that man has come to know my whereabouts.I need to be careful." Why does Pritika think that the man had come to know to know her whereabouts?TO FIND OUT PRESS THE LINK "FIND ANSWERS."

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