The missing machine

Once in a camp somewhere in Himalayas- "Oh,why did they have to take our mobiles?I am getting bored. "Stop moaning about that Janak!"said Aisha. "Yeah Aisha is right besides we all can go trekking if you are getting bored."said Dianne. "You can always come and check the canteen with me because I am always hungry!!!"said Rohit "Oh thanks guys,you made me realise that....that...I am very hungry!Come on lets rush to the canteen!"said Janak.After a nice dinner they went to sleep.In the girl's room-"Hey I am not feeling sleepy at all shall we read a book on my laptop?"asked Aisha. "Yeah lets read!"said Dianne. After some time-"lights out in five minutes"said a instructor. "Oh, just when we were at the end of the book!"said Aisha and Dianne toghether. In the morning-"Dianne wake up, have you seen my laptop, it is not there here!" "Lets go and ask the boys"said Dianne. In the boys room-"Hey Janak,Rohit have you seen my laptop somebody has taken it!" "What would you expect?You were the only one in this camp who brought a laptop."said both the boys toghether. "Guys!We need to help Aisha in finding her laptop."yelled Dianne. "Yeah lets play detectives and look out for clues.You know, Janak was telling me about a book faturing Cat Nab." said Rohit. "Yeah it was very good I read it the whole night." said Janak. "I know which one of you have taken my laptop!Own up or I'll hand you over to the police." Who does Aisha suspect and why? To find out press the link "Find Answers"

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