Young Raman

Tenali was very bright as a young boy.When he was a young boy,his neighbour once took him to visit the house of a rich landlord.The landlord was a foolish and proud man.He thought that he was the cleverest man in town and did not like anyone but himself being praised.The neighbour introduced tenali to the landlord and said,"This is my neighbour's son - Tenali.I have never seen a brighter child than him before." The landlord,as his nature was,did not like Tenali being praised more than him.He looked at Tenali closely and said,"He looks dull to me!The smarter they act in childhood,the more foolish they behave as grownups.

Tenali understood that the landlord had just made fun of him.The neighbour was embarassed,but did not think about correcting the rich landlord.Tenali looked inonocently and remarked,"Then sir,you must have been even more intelligent as a boy than me.The rich landlord had made himself look very foolish indeed and the neighbour tried hard to control his laughter.